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Chimney Leak Repair, Brick Repair, Painting, Cap Installation and Roofing Shingles installation

Chimney Repair Services


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Chimney complications can be a real hassle. We are service and repair experts for all chimney and masonry types, factory-built fireplaces, gas fireplaces and wood stoves. Our Professionals can remove chimneys and build chimneys from the roof-up and know exactly how to fix any issue that there may be. Aside from that we offer many additional services.

Chimney Cap Installation: Not only do we offer cap installations but also Chimney Cap Restoration. If the cap is in good condition, we restore it to save you from paying extra for a brand new cap.


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Chimney Flashing Repair: It is important to have a leak-free roof and chimney. Old or damaged Chimney Flashing may be another reason for a chimney leak. We inspect it thoroughly and establish area and depth of damage. After that we offer repair/replacement options.

Chase Cover Installation: Sometimes the underlying chimney problems are not only caused by an old chimney cap but from an old Chase Cover that may be rusty and deteriorated. We custom make Stainless Steel or Copper Chimney Covers made to fit your chimney like a glove. 

Animal Removal/Bird Screens: When animal activity is present in the chimney, we not only remove the animal but also prevent animal activity by installing special screens to protect your home from small species entering within.

Chimney Liners: Installing a stainless steel chimney liner is an easy and economical way to repair a deteriorated, unsafe, or inefficient chimney flue. We are the experts to install and clean chimney liners.

Chimney Crown Repair: After a thorough inspection of damage or wear and tear, we substantiate the repair that's needed. Afterwards we will seal and repair the chimney crown, restoring it back to its original condition.

Fireplace Brick Repair: The most common problems we see within the firebox are cracked and deteriorated brick or mortar, signs of water infiltration, and improper dimensions of the firebox. They might seem harmless but they are warning signs that the firebox needs repair and we are just the company who specializes in Firebox Repairs.

Chimney Interior Wash: We use special Eco Friendly products to wash the inside of the chimney from all the soot buildup that there may be. This procedure is very important if the chimney sweep doesn't remove all the debris in the chimney. This is often needed for old chimneys or chimneys that haven't been serviced in years. 

Chimney Sweep Service: Our expert chimney sweep service is done thoroughly and professionally. Our experts carefully remove all soot and creosote debris inside the chimney walls with expert care and high quality tools while leaving your home dirt and dust free. 

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