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Our Company does Firepalce Refacing and Mantle Installation

Fireplace Refacing & Renovation

Your home’s Fireplace is a natural space made for gathering and is often the central point of the entire home for warmth, conversation, and meditation from the outside world. MACO experts can agree that refacing or renovating  a tired, worn out, and outdated fireplace has the same return on investment as updating a kitchen or bathroom, but with a much smaller price tag.

The first major consideration when committing to refacing the fireplace involves selecting the ideal materials. There are many options from which to choose: Smooth concrete, new tile, granite, rustic brick, even wood can add new life into an outdated fireplace surround. Whether your hearth is operable or just for looks, there are different fireplace refacing materials available and ideal for installation. Our professionals will listen to your preferences and considerations, and help you chose the right design to fit your homes style.


Stone and Slate fireplace surrounds add a rustic look to a modern home interior. It adds texture and heats up along with the fire. The stones help radiate the heat, warming up the interior faster and keeping it warmer longer. We have a wide range of looks, colors and finishes to surround your fireplace in many different looks and styles. Fireplace stone veneers achieve the look of a traditional stack stone fireplace without the thickness and weight of traditional full bed masonry veneer. From slate, granite, quartz, soapstone, and more to suit your individual style, we are your experts.

Firepalce Refacing/ Remodeling Project Using Stone
Firepalce Refacing and Remodeling using Tile


Tile comes in many materials, colors, textures, and sizes, and it can be used in any interior and exterior fireplace project. Applying tile to the fireplace surround can achieve a more expensive and exquisite look. Surprisingly, tile is a very common fireplace refacing material, available in nearly limitless choices of color and design.


Steel comes in many different styles and finishes so it can fit into many interiors. A steel fireplace surround often gives a modern, industrial feel to a room. Steel is one of the most popular fireplace surround materials used today.

Firepalce Refacing/Remodeling using steel and Metal
Firepalce Refacing/Remodeling Using Wood


Wood fireplace facing makes a warm, natural appearance to the entire room and fireplace structure. Adding wood brings a warm feel to the home and the fireplace area.  We offer wood panel installation with many different stain choices and colors. We can even paint the wood panels to give them a clean, crisp look.

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