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Gas Fireaplce Maintenance Service and Repair

Gas Fireplace Services


We Are Always There When You Need Us Most

We Repair, Service, and Install Gas Fireplaces

We specialize in Direct Vent gas fireplaces, Vent-Free gas fireplaces B-Vent gas fireplaces, and open-hearth Wood-Burning fireplaces. We repair, service and install popular brands such as Heat & Glo, Stoll, Majestic, Dimplex, Napoleon, Jotul, Monessen, Rais, Vermont Castings, Empire and more. Our experts will always answer your questions and guide you depending on your preferences and needs for your home. From Minor Repairs to large scale project we do it all. Our detailed work and knowledge is the reason our customers are always pleased with our results.


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Having a Gas Fireplace is a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional wood burning fireplaces. It may seem that they don't require a lot of maintenance but they do. To keep the fireplace in working order it is important to pay attention to things such as gas log maintenance and gas fireplace maintenance. When we enter your home, we will make sure to inspect if the fireplace is working safely and properly before cleaning it. We inspect the burner, gas pressure and check for signs of gas leaks. 

We service and clean all Types, Makes and Models.

Cleaning your gas fireplace helps to improve the lifeline of your fireplace by getting rid of debris buildup, which can affect the performance of of fireplace.

Our full Cleaning Service includes:

  • Safety Inspection

  • Carbon Monoxide leaking test

  • Gas line/Electrical Inspection

  • Cleaning or Repairing the Box

  • Vacuuming the box

  • Cleaning Gas Logs

  • Cleaning the glass

  • Cleaning the entire burning assembly

  • Cleaning the Pilot/Ignitor assembly​


One of the most dangerous hazards in the home can be a simple gas leak from the fireplace. This is very common and should not be overlooked. If you smell gas, it's very important to make sure a certified plumber checks the fireplace right away. Our certified plumbers are always here for you in case there is a gas leak in your fireplace. We will diagnose the cause of the leak, it's location and repair it promptly, avoiding the hazard and protecting your home from potential risks.


No matter why your fireplace might not ignite or stay lit, we will find out the problem and fix it in no time. Our service professionals are highly trained and experienced, therefore, they will not only diagnose the problem, but they will explain everything to you as well as what needs to be done to fix the problem. 

Other Repairs Include:

  • Fireplace Door Repair/ Replacement 

  • Cracked Glass Replacement

  • Burner Assembly Replacement

  • New Glowing Embers

  • Fitting and Gas Pipe Replacement

  • Seal Replacement 

  • Pilot/Ignitor Assembly Replacement 

  • Gas Fireplace Installation

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